Salt Water Fish Tank!!! Brand New And Comes With Everything You Need in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan for sale


Me And my Husband bought our salt water fish tank around 6 months ago. It has become too much of a responsibility for us to be taking care of it so we are looking to sell it. I can give more details if phoned. we live in Lloydminster. The tank is a 90 gallon with a built in overflow, it comes with about 2-3 hundred dollars worth of livestock, thats not including the anemones (soft/hard corals) we have in the tank.
The list of fish in the tank is such:
2 Lrg breeding pair of cinnamon clowns
1 Lrg Blue Lip Lopez
2 Lrg Neon Gobies
1 Med Snow Flake Eel
1 Sm Pistol Shrimp
1 Sm Clown Fish (Nemo looking)
There are also many cleaners inside of the tank as well the list is as follows:
4 Electric Blue Hermit Crabs
2 Sand Dollars
1 White Sand Star
1 Zebra Starfish
2 Turbo Snails
1 Lrg Giant Snail (very pretty too I might add)
4 Sand Sifting Snails
the Anemone (soft/hard corals) List is as follows
1 Large Polyped Stony Coral (Bubble coral)
2 types of flower coral (also polyped type)
1 bundle of Sea Grass
1 Just regular anemone. It has tentacles. (I cant find what its called)
There is also around 70-90 pounds of liverock already in the tank. It has been running for about 6 months. The rock has mainly purple on it, (Which is the healthy bacteria growth.) It naturally produces both Watermelon Mushrooms and the the normail mushrooms. Which means that there is more color and that the tank has a stable ecosystem.There is 3 bags of fine sand in the tank. There is lots of natural growths.
The tank would also come with a protien skimmer, a 60 gallon sump, UV Sterilizer, Utility pump for better water circulation, all the chemicals (buffers) we have remaining and also all the food that we have, the complete testing kit for testing calcium, ph levels, KH, nitrate...It's basically for testing the water to make sure that everything is at the proper levels. It comes with basically everything that you need. We also have more tubing for it, fish nets, salt water tester, half a bag of salt, extendable grabber and feeder. Also the main thing i forgot, there is a 400 watt light that also come with it.
It comes basically with everything you need to carry on where we left off.
So if you are interested the whole package is actually worth about 3500.00. We have easily spent over 5000.00. We are asking .....
2500.00 OBO
I have already been told by my friend who runs the pet store in town and he says that he'd be surprised if it didnt sell, and that its a steal.
We are taking a big loss on it, but we just dont have the time anymore.
If you are interested the number to call us at is:
- Ask for Jordan
- Ask for Terry
- Ask for either or

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